Campaign Platform

As Campus Activities Chair Chloe wants to explore new possibilities.

Explore Development

Development is one of the pillars of CAC, therefore Chloe would like to host a Development Day to give students the resources they need in order to join a committee. During this time, CAC will go over the application process, what we are looking for, interview techniques and leadership training for each person. CAC Crew would also serve as the volunteer core to Student Government Association and members of Crew would have an open door policy for our event committee meetings.

Explore Accessibility

As the programming branch of Student Government Association, it is our job to be accessible to students. Becoming apart of CAC should be clear and concise with an understanding of what to expect. To make it easier for our students to get their foot in the door, Chloe would like to create a unified application for our Spring and Fall events. This will help with publicity from the CAC side and will increase the number of applicants and make it a simpler, clear process for applying for our executive committees.

Explore Diversity

Chloe wants to explore diversity inside and out, bringing together a diverse team of student leaders to reach all corners of campus, programming events which appeal to and include the diversity of OU. Diversity to Chloe includes so many things, ethnicity, background, involvement, age and hobbies are only a few which individualize our student body, but her focus will be on what may bring OU students together. Co-programming with multicultural organizations, individual colleges, and interest groups will be her target to reforming CAC’s diversity.



Chloe's Explorers

Check out some of Chloe's supporters! Thank you for all your help.

Adriana Sharp, Alex Malati, Alexis Filippo, Allison Clanton, Amanda Johnson, Amanda Tran, Anna Lee Painter, Anna Royce, Anna Searcey, Annie Stuart, Audrey Forrest, Audrey Parrish, Avery Marczewski, Bailey Smith, Blake Hutzler, Bradyn Littles, Brett Fene, Bridget Novak, Brie Sandridge, Briek Pauwels, Brynne Kurtz, Bryson Beck, Caitlin Garman, Caitlin McCann, Caitlyn Kayser, Cameron Cooper, Carley Rother, Chloe Lambeth, Chris Cortez, Chris Franchi, Christa Cherian

Christy Thelen, Claire Switzer, Claire White, Colleen Gaasbeck, Cooper Cadle Dalaney Flies, Daniel Moreno, Darci Lambeth, David Percival, Doug Murray, Dovie Rayburn, Drew Allensworth, Emily Alspaw, Emily Clair Lonon, Emmi Coatney, Erin Burge, Evie Engram, Farah Naqvi, Greg Heigle, Haley Poarch, Hannah Henry, Harper Horning, Jack Pasdach, Jake Krysiak, Jake Odgers, Jared Benyshek, Jay Scambler, Jess VanLandingham, Jillian England, Johannah Walker, John Grunewald

Jorben Gee, Jordan Horn, Jordan Smicklas, Jordie Douglas, Juanita Torres, Kate Sleem, Katherine Williams, Katherine Wolf, Kathryn Nixon, Katie Crepeau, Katie Hill, Kelsey Carter, Kendal Coker, Kendall Couch, Kyle Ferguson, Kylie Frisby, Lauren Oven, LeAnn Ludwig, Leslie Atherton, Lexi Vance, Lexie Quinonez, Maddie Phillips, Madeline Camp, Madeline Grunewald, Mark Hall, Mary Clancy, Mason Orr, Matt Epting, Matt Kaufman, Megan Tenbrink, Melissa Reddout

Melody Vidmar, Michael Duke, Michelle McNamara, Mitch Holliman, Morgan Stanley, Morgan Waddle, Natalie Wallace, Nicholle Niblett, Nick Callaway, Nick Marr, Nicole Antonio, Olivia Miller, Ozair Naqvi, Paisley Kliewer, Rachel Lyon, Ryan Shoemaker, Ryne Young, Saleena Chaudry, Salima Harun, Sally Bock, Sam Turner, Stephen Wood, Taylor Freeman, Thomas Mayne, Tony Cappabiano, Ty Gatewood, Tyler Self, Tyler Smith, Tyler Tennant, Zach Haley, Zach Schuermann



Chloe's Campaign Team


Chloe began her campus involvement early on and has continually developed herself and others around. Being extremely connected on campus, Chloe is often looked to for advice and support from other students.
  • 2014

    CAC Homecoming

    As overall Homecoming Chair, led a team of 40 members to create new additions to OU’s longest standing tradition and truly unite the entire Sooner community by collaborating with numerous departments on campus and revamped our annual Homecoming Rah Rally by moving it to Lloyd Noble.

  • 2014

    Camp Crimson Operations Staff

    Serving on Camp Crimson Staff for two years, Chloe served on Crew as well as Operations Staff. She organized transportation for campers, coordinated with other departments to create Camp Crimson Opening Session, Traditions Session, Small Group Leader training and developed a system to better enhance staff organization.

  • 2014

    Black Student Association Stompdown

    Chloe served as the Vice Chair for BSA Stompdown last year. Throughout this experience she gained an understanding of the importance of Black Student Association and understood the basic function of how it operated. Chloe also gained first hand experience in working with a different student organizations with different demographics and learned from the rich tradition and values they had to offer. 

  • 2013

    CAC Soonerthon

    Chloe started her CAC journey being on the Soonerthon Executive committee serving on the Administration branch and creating a new system for check-in. Since her freshman year, Chloe has continued to help advance and develop check-in, registration and miracle week. #FTK

  • 2013

    LEAD Team 

    As a member of LEAD Team, Chloe facilitated countless leadership development activities for a variety of different organizations throughout campus. By being on LEAD Team, Chloe has extensive training in leadership development and organization. 

  • 2013

    Student Alumni Association

    Serving as the Vice Chair for the Student Alumni Association, Chloe gained a significant amount of understanding when it came to connecting with alumni and what it means to be a part of the Sooner family.

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